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Wickenburg High School All 80's Reunion Weekend
September 11-13, 2009 is The WHS All 80's Reunion.......If you graduated or were suppose in the classes of 1980-1989, this weekend is for you.......Make sure your information is current on this website.......For Reunion Schedule, Cost, Registration and Contact Information go to http://WHS80-89.classquest.com

WHS Fight Song
Fight Wranglers, Win This Game! Win This Game For Us Another Time. Purple and Gold Will Shine! Carry On To Fame. Fight! Fight! Fight! Victory Is Ours Today. Fight and Win and Keep The Ball In Play! Wranglers Will Win! Carry On To Victory! *************************************************************************** GO WRANGLERS!

WHS School Song
Here beside the Hassayampa, blest by sun and breeze Stands a school that ar'e shall bring us happy memories. Speed the chorus ever onward, loyalty uphold. Stand and cheer the royal colors, PURPLE AND THE GOLD.

Reunion 2005 Is Here
Get out those boots and cowboy hats! Reunion 2005 is here with a western theme!

Wickenburg, Arizona June 10th - 12th. For more infomation click here

Reunion for Classes 1927 Through 1980
School reunion this June The 2005 Wickenburg High School Reunion for graduating classes 1927 through 1980, will be a fun-filled, three-day event beginning with a reception on Friday, June 10. The reception will be in the former Bowmanıs Barn (now Wickenburg Pump), from 5-7 p.m. Those who come should practice their country swing dance skills. There will be lots of snacks available. Saturday, June 11 is the big day. Doors at the Community Center will open at 6 p.m. for Happy Hour, followed by hors dıoeuvres, a catered dinner and dancing to The Arizona Outlaws, a great country western band. Liquid refreshments will be available through the evening, via donations. Pictures of all alumni, their guests and class portraits will be taken. The reunion winds up on Sunday, June 12, beginning with a brunch and tour of the high school, from 9-11 a.m. The brunch will be catered by Dulceıs Delights, and old grads will then have a chance to tour the beautiful North Vulture Mine Road campus and new sports stadium. For more information, and to add names and addresses to the mailing list, please call Carol Welch-Bralliar at 928-684-7637.


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